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    Whether you're an attorney seeking fast, efficient witness location, a Missouri resident suspecting their spouse is having an affair, or a small business facing a suspected fraudulent worker's compensation claim, All Service Investigations' surveillance services swiftly obtain and produce the unimpeachable evidence you require with unparalleled efficiency.

    For Lawyers & Law Firms

    Don't jeopardize your case - hire All Service Investigations today for service of process to ensure your case moves ahead without any unexpected delays or twists, saving you and your client valuable time and money.

    Fraudulent personal injury claims are running rampant across Missouri in numerous industries. With numerous claims successfully fetching "victims" tens of millions and above, everyone from restaurant staff to warehouse workers, construction contractors to city employees are eager to cash in on a potentially lucrative personal injury case. All Service Investigations boasts extensive experience working alongside businesses and attorneys on suspected fraudulent personal injury claims - swiftly and effectively obtaining definitive evidence to catch any individual attempting to coax tens of millions from small and large businesses throughout Missouri.

    Fraudulent Workers' Compensation Cases

    With over twenty years of experience on fraudulent workers' compensation cases, All Service Investigations confidently acquires and presents the evidence employers require to exonerate themselves and their businesses in the court of law. In Missouri, fraudulent workers' compensation claims run rampant. With claims against small businesses like restaurants and large construction companies alike, businesses face claims amounting well into the millions of dollars. Whether having encountered a well-seasoned scam artist attempting to exploit your business, or a disenfranchised long-term employee seeking to cushion their retirement fund, All Service Investigations today for service boasts both the experience and state-of-the-art equipment required to definitively identify, record and dispel falsified workers' compensation claims.

    Workplace Investigations

    From harassment claims to asset theft, breaches of compliance to violations of company protocol, businesses throughout Missouri may find themselves facing the necessity of hiring a workplace investigator to swiftly obtain all relevant information for their case. Having performed numerous workplace investigations, All Service Investigation proudly assists businesses throughout Missouri in conducting interviews, producing a written report, and following a timely, structured plan to deliver the objective and conclusive results your business needs.

    Criminal Background Check

    Whether you're a small business owner, a hiring manager at a corporation or an attorney looking for additional information on an individual, All Service Investigation provides one of the most commonly sought-after services from Missouri private investigators: a background check and record retrieval. Utilizing everything from databases, online sources, to court records, private investigators can furnish nearly all obtainable information on an individual. If you're looking to learn everything about a prospective employee, defendant or resident of Missouri, All Service Investigation gets you the information you need.