• Domestic Investigation

  • Cheating Spouse Investigations

    An unfortunately common occurrence throughout Missouri, cases regarding suspected cheating spouses regularly require our services. Having performed surveillance on numerous high-profile individuals to obtain evidence of infidelity, All Service Investigation provides the peace of mind our clients desire discreetly and professionally. Should you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, the team of expert surveillance investigators at All Service Investigation are waiting to assist you however necessary to provide the closure and solace you desire.

    Child Custody Investigations

    Family law cases are on the rise. With countless families strained by the misuse of child support payments, improperly determined child custody rulings and possibly unsafe conditions for a child at the hands of an ex-partner, joining forces with an experienced private investigator can help you to regain control over your family's life. Don't suffer the continuous emotional and financial strain of your former partner's ineptitude, and ensure a happy, healthy future for your child - let the surveillance experts at All Service Investigation gather the evidence needed for you to make an indisputable case in court.

    Background Checks and Record Retrievals

    Whether you're a small business owner, a hiring manager at a corporation or an attorney looking for additional information on an individual, All Service Investigation provides one of the most commonly sought-after services from Missouri private investigators: a background check and record retrieval. Utilizing everything from databases, online sources, to court records, private investigators can furnish nearly all obtainable information on an individual. If you're looking to learn everything about a prospective employee, defendant or resident of California, All Service Investigation gets you the information you need.