• Locate People

  • All Service Investigations draws upon decades of experience scouring Missouri to find a missing person. Utilizing everything from police database records to skip-trace experts and field surveillance, our in-depth approach to finding missing persons far exceeds the scope of any law enforcement's approach. We get boots on the ground fast, and communicate in-depth with the homeless population throughout Missouri to pinpoint the location of anyone off the beaten path.

    As licensed, insured and certified private investigators with decades of experience exclusively in the private investigation field, our team of experienced investigators embarks on missing person locates with confidence. We know who's conning us and who isn't, what information is accurate and what's deceptive, what leads to follow and what trails lead to dead ends. Through a combination of in-depth knowledge of the city and an efficient approach to fieldwork often absent from other private investigators' techniques, All Service Investigation ensures your case receives the attention and careful consideration it deserves.